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Lyrics to Melomane Songs

lyrics from GLACIERS:
This Is Skyhorse
Don’t try to make me I won’t
I’m not a pony on a
Don’t let your posse bring you
I put my trust in dollars
I like this horse, his fur is dark and loamy
He looks at me with eyes that seem to know me
If looks could kill then I’d be dead already
Up on the hill the noose is tied and ready
And all we wanted was a little bit of sky
A little patch of sun before we get our pony and ride
My better half, I put rings on her finger
But Sherrif John he played me like a fiddle
And all we wanted was a little bit of sky
A little patch of sun before we get our pony and ride
I kick the horse, it makes the horse go faster

Be my little SOS
Be the feline on my chest
Fahrenheit or Celsius
you melt away all my distress
Be my little space heater
Drain the juice in the meter
I’m Sir Shackleton stuck on this frozen pole
So please be my Eskimo
Life may throw its icicles and freeze us to the follicles
Let’s be little polar bears and sleep without our underwear
There’s a mirror surrounded by lights
In the dressing room of your mind in the back of your eyes
There you sit and you make up your mind
And you smile at yourself and get ready for life
Be the hole in my ozone
Be the end of the cold war
If you concentrate glaciers will fade away
It will be hilarious

lyrics from LOOK OUT!:
The Shadow of Vesuvius
Don’t go back to town again, the situation’s dubious
The gods are set on punishment and the mountain’s falling down on us
We live a life of decadence in the shadow of Vesuvius
All good things have got to end and the mountain’s falling down on us
It’s been forty years since the rebel died
And his big ideas are still alive
Though we slaughtered all the heretics
We just can’t stop these lunatics
I will write your name in my own blood on the wall next to the bordello
And drink an earthen jar of wine in the bath house with my oddfellows
Hear the oxen carts in the Roman night
Bringing wanted men to be sacrificed
Though Caesar’s rule remains supreme
We just can’t stop the Nazarene
We are the true society, superior and beauteous
Zeus has made us to be free till the mountain’s falling down on us
Don’t go back to town again, the situation’s dubious
The gods are set on punishment and the mountain’s falling down on us

Rocks falling from outer space a million miles an hour
Potential destruction of the whole human race brought by a glimmering shower
Meteorite I know tonight you’ll kill me but it’ll be beautiful
You penetrate my atmosphere
My fascination will crush my fear
A shower of light at the end of the night
Oh what a wonderful way to go
Oh what a sign of the times
A sentence of death that is larger than life
Look out, the sky’s gonna crush us
Pure entertainment and so very precious
A gorgeous distraction unfolds overhead
A sizzling hail of alien lead
The misunderstandings that tear us apart
Are falling like submarines out of the dark, into my heart
That’s how it feels when you leave
That’s how it feels to be free
A smouldering glittering crater holes
The size of subway stations
Turn into skating ramps and swimming pools
To be enjoyed by the next generation
Meteorite, I know tonight you shine on a world that’s incredible
To light up a future that’s wonderful

lyrics from RESOLVO:
Mais J'accorde (Just Because)
Hey come on let's have another kiss, We could never really settle this
Hey come on let's have another smile, Take another chance on me for awhile
just because...
All the music's playing in our heads. I wish that I could take back what I said
If you really want to end this fight, settle down and play with me for awhile
just because...
Hey come on let's have a little tryst. You can be the pilot of my ship.
What are you, some kind of hypnotist, or are you just a girl that I can't resist?
Just because...
Now here come the dark clouds rolling into the valley of your eyes
I wish that I could bring back the blue skies
But even when the sun is shining, the storm is never really far away
Laisses les bons temps rouler!

lyrics from SOLRESOL:
Complicated Melody
Complicated melody, that is what you are to me
You’re scaling major chords in a minor key
Medicated remedy, like a living pharmacy
Will this healing be the death of me?
Convoluted symphony, blackest of the comedies
When it hurts to laugh you cry with me
Don’t want me, just need me, Don’t make it complicated
Don’t warn me, just leave me, Don’t be so complicated

Fighting Guitars
She was the corporal at arms of the fighting guitars
Nobody wins in these weaponless wars
When she told me her age, I was amazed
I knew she had lived through a shipwreck of days
She’s got hair of chocolate cake to wrap around your fingers
And she smells like cigarettes and breaking waves and solitude that lingers
She lived right next to the sea in a forest of weeds
Surrounded by magical music machines
When she asked me to stay, I was dismayed
I knew she had already given her heart away
Words cannot describe the sun reflecting off her shoulder
I was melting like a block of ice reclining on a desert boulder
She’s got eyes like cloudy skies portending endless rainfall
And the way the story ends is kind of typical and kind of painful
I got up and flew away with all the lonely sailboats
Some guitars are out of tune and others just refuse to play the sweet note

Sol Re Sol
All of the things that I’m trying to say could be sung in tones
Sailing along on a lyrical boat
Let the meaning escape your throat
It’s a revelation of massive scope called Solresol
Sudre the man, violin in hand, master planner
Said “No need for words, we can sing like birds with grammar.”
Solresol eliminates all the pointless chitchat with musical notes
And once again we go back to the Seine, we go back to the source
Good son of France invented a dance in Morse code
I’m drowning in waves
Don’t tear me away