The Lord's Prayer in Solresol

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About Solresol

Solresol is a language made out of music. It was developed from 1817 over several decades by Jean Francois Sudre, a French musician.

Where English uses syllables to build up words, Solresol uses seven different pitches to form its "words", each a different little piece of melody. Solresol fits exactly onto the white notes of the piano starting with C. To identify these seven notes, Solresol essentially uses the method of solfa, familiar from the popular Sound of Music song "Do, Re, Mi."

On the following pages you can find details of the translation of the Lord's Prayer into Solresol, what this language looks like in handwritten glyphs, and more.


Excepting KJV quotations, all text and MIDIs on these pages Louise (laresi) Blyton 2006 onwards

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