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Solresol (knitted/felted/embellished bag)

Solresol (knitted/felted/embellished bag)
Solresol (knitted/felted/embellished bag)

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I knitted a lovely sweater in gorgeous, rainbow colors then felted it & cut it into smaller pieces to create this lovely handstitched, embroidered, embellished over-the-shoulder bag in Solresol which is a universal language created by Jean Francois Sudre. in the 1900's. Each word in this language is composed of some of the seven notes of the musical scale & each of the seven notes is also represented by one of the seven colors of the rainbow. You can communicate in Solresol via a sequence of colors as I did with this design. Several messages are hidden in the colors of this Solresol bag. (frm mls - to be loved/one message) Enjoy my Solresol messages. (dr frm mls-another message) (do re mi fa sol la si do) (si is correct instead of ti as we think of the musical scale) . Solresol remains , despite its disappearance, the most beautiful & perfect language ever created by man. It consisted of seven syllables, the notes of the scale-do-re-me-fa-so-la-si (what we now call 'ti'). Sudre also devised a means for translating ROYGBIV, the colors of the rainbow, into Solresol syllables so that every tapestry, painting, splash of color took on literal meaning. I find this very intriguing! Mila la sidomido lasi Solresol. Additional photos are available for viewing at my Related Website: Please enjoy my Solresol recycled sweater bag.

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