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Question 1: Solresol is an ________ devised by François Sudre, beginning in 1827.
EsperantoConstructed languageInterlinguaInternational auxiliary language

Question 2: As in Ro, the longer words are divided into categories of meaning, based on their first ________, or note.
Vowel lengthMora (linguistics)SyllableGemination

Question 3: After a few years of popularity, it faded into obscurity in the face of more successful languages such as Volapük and ________.
Reformed EsperantoEsperanto grammarEsperantoEsperantido

Question 4: These syllables can be represented in a number of different ways — as musical notes of different pitch, as spoken syllables (based on solfège, a way of identifying ________), with colours, symbols, hand gestures etc.
SemitoneOctavePitch (music)Note

Question 5: Words beginning with 'sol' have meanings related to ________ and sciences, or, if they begin with 'solsol', sickness and medicine (e.g., solresol, "language"; solsolredo, "migraine").

Question 6: Like other ________ with a priori vocabulary, Solresol faces considerable problems in categorizing the real world around it sensibly.
International auxiliary languageConstructed languageEsperantoInterlingua

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